Adelina Inez Sanchez
Mobile Medical Massage Therapy in Texas



If you’re looking for a experienced MOBILE massage therapist, you’ve come to the right place. Massaging is my gift and alleviating mental and physical pain is my passion.

Therapist Bio:

With over 16 years of experience in pain management and specialized techniques, Ms. Sanchez has become a expert in medicinal massage therapy.

In an interview with Tasty Trade's Bootstrapping in America, Ms. Sanchez shared her insights on the benefits of medicinal massage therapy and her unique approach to providing personalized care to each client. She discussed how her business uses earthy green herbs to enhance the therapeutic effects of massage therapy, helping clients achieve alleviation from chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress; as she paves the way for other therapists.

Ms. Sanchez's journey to becoming a licensed massage therapist and medicinal therapy expert began with a desire to help others. She saw the positive effects of massage therapy on her baby sister, who suffered from chronic pain and other health issues, and decided to pursue a career in the field. After obtaining her license, Ms. Sanchez continued to expand her knowledge and skills by training in specialized techniques and modalities, such as sports massage, pregnancy massage, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage and most importantly, medicinal massage therapy.

As she worked with more clients, Ms. Sanchez began to explore the use of earthy green herbs in her massage therapy sessions. She found that earthy green herbs had powerful healing properties that, when combined with massage therapy, could provide a unique and transformative experience for her clients. With this in mind, she founded Leafly Therapy, a business that offers safe, effective, and licensed medicinal massage therapy services in the patients home.